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Tegan loved the sewing class and cannot wait to come again next Monday! - C Kirkman


Aziza enjoyed her sewing classes and we are very happy with your teaching and attitude towards her. - Rizwana


Can't wait to start sewing again ! - C D'Silva


Jacinta is a lovely teacher and it's such fun for kids to learn this skill!! I highly recommend her course.  - N Bhatt


An excellent initiative to revive sewing skills in our younger generation - skills important for their future. - A Rea


With your talent, dedication, patience, hard work and tremendous effort, your students will benefit greatly and learn an amazing skill. - C Pinto


Jacinta is patient, has an eye for detail and is very creative. A great way to learn a useful and lifelong skill. - K Ooi


What a useful skill to learn - it serves you for life, and enables you to serve others too! Learning it in a group environment is a wonderful way to share ideas, enhance creativity and build community.- J Fonseca


I am sure lots of people will benefit from your expertise. Sewing is useful and fun to learn as well. Hopefully, a lot of kids will be inspired through you to take it up! - S Anthony


Such a wonderful idea to teach kids young! All the best! - H Kelshikar